PCDO Monthly Membership Meeting: February 22, 7:15 to 9:00 PM

Feb 22 2015 7:15 pm

Join Us for the February Meeting of the

Princeton Community Democratic Organization

Sunday, February 22nd

Suzanne Patterson Center

(behind Monument Hall)

Program Starts Promptly at 7:15 PM


This month’s program features an informative panel discussion on verified voting issues, candidate endorsements for the upcoming Mercer County primary, and a member vote on two resolutions dealing with President Obama’s efforts to end the embargo on Cuba and the ongoing negotiations with Iran regarding their nuclear development program.


"The Quest for Verified Voting in an Age of Hacking:

Is Each Vote Being Counted?"

In a time of rampant computer hacking, data theft and manipulation, our panel will focus on the critical need for voter verified paper ballot elections. The legal, legislative, and technical challenges facing an accurate count of electronic votes will be discussed.

  • Moderator: Stephanie Harris, Member of the Steering Committee, Coalition for Peace Action
  • Professor Andrew Appel, Chair of the Department of Computer Science, Princeton University
  • Irene Goldman, Chair of the Steering Committee, Coalition for Peace Action
  • John McGahren, Partner, Morgan Lewis

A question and answer period will follow short presentations by each panelist.


PCDO Candidate Endorsement Night for

County Candidates

Come greet our Democratic candidates for State and County office, some of whom (or their representatives) will address the meeting.

NJ 16th Legislative District Assembly           Andrew Zwicker

Mercer County Executive                             Brian Hughes

Mercer County Clerk                                    Paula Sollami Covello

Mercer County Freeholder                            Ann Cannon

Mercer County Freeholder                            Pasquale (Pat) Colavita, Jr.

Mercer County Freeholder                            Samuel T. Frisby

All attendees with up-to-date PCDO membership as of February 8, 2015, may participate in the endorsement vote.


Member Votes on Two Resolutions:

Cuba Embargo and Iran Nuclear Negotiations

The following resolutions have been submitted to and endorsed by the PCDO Executive Board and will be presented to the general membership for a vote at our February 22nd general membership meeting. For the resolution section of our bylaws see the PCDO web site: https://www.princetondems.org/html-bylaws (Article VI, Section 8).


1) Resolution on Cuba

WHEREAS a half century of embargoes and attempted isolation of Cuba by the U.S. government have not achieved the stated aims of the policies; and

WHEREAS the Obama Administration’s recent actions to lower barriers with Cuba will benefit the people of Cuba and of the United States; and

WHEREAS leaders of both parties should be supporting the Obama Administration’s initiatives on Cuba for the benefit of the American people and in the interests of promoting peace

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Princeton Community Democratic Organization supports the Obama Administration’s recent efforts to improve relations with the government of Cuba, and urges our elected representatives to support those efforts.


2) Resolution on Iran

WHEREAS recent diplomatic efforts by the Obama Administration to find common ground with the government of Iran have been making progress toward reducing tensions and lowering the risk of nuclear proliferation; and

WHEREAS imposition of additional sanctions by the U.S. government on Iran at this stage would undermine those efforts; and

WHEREAS leaders of both parties should be supporting the Obama Administration’s initiatives on Iran for the benefit of the American people and in the interests of promoting peace

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Princeton Community Democratic Organization supports the Obama Administration’s recent efforts to seek peaceful solutions with the government of Iran, and urges our elected representatives to support those efforts.


This meeting is open to the public. Bring a friend!

Only attendees with up-to-date PCDO membership as of February 8, 2015, may participate in the endorsement and resolution votes.


PCDO Annual Re-organization Meeting and Potluck Dinner

Jan 25 2015 6:00 pm


All PCDO members and friends are cordially invited to join us for our annual leadership election and potluck dinner on Sunday, January 25 at 6:00pm.

At the Suzanne Patterson Center - behind Monument Hall (the former Borough Hall).


Please bring a main dish, salad, or dessert to share. The PCDO will provide plates and utensils, bread, and beverages. We’ll enjoy each other’s company as we share food and drink and get ready for the year ahead. We'll also thank those who have served us so ably during the past year.


After dinner, conversation, and presentation of the PCDO 2015 annual budget by treasurer David Cohen, we will have the election of the 2015 Executive Board.


Everyone is welcome to attend, but only PCDO members who reside in Princeton and have paid this year's dues by January 11, 2015, will be eligible to vote.


Nominations for the 2015 PCDO Executive Board (statements are attached):


Position                                             2015 Candidate(s)

President                                           Jon Durbin

1st Vice President                            Owen O'Donnell

2nd Vice President                          Amner DeLeon

Treasurer                                           David Cohen

Assistant Treasurer                         Ginger Lennon

Recording Secretary                        Peter Lindenfeld

Corresponding Secretary               Kathleen Cassidy


At-Large (12 spots)

  • Jose Alcantara
  • Kip Cherry
  • Mary Clurman
  • Liz Cohen
  • Joanna Dougherty
  • Jim Floyd
  • Craig Garcia
  • Scotia MacRae
  • Richard Meyer
  • Anne Neumann
  • Sheldon Sturges
  • Nousheen Thakur

2014 PCDO Candidate’s Night

Oct 19 2014 7:30 pm

Pre-meeting Open House begins at 6:45 PM - learn how to get involved with the local party and govenment


Candidates Appearing

Bonnie Watson Coleman-12 District Congressional Candidate

Jack Kemler, Mercer County Sheriff Candidate

Lucy Walter, Mercer County Freeholder Candidate

John Cimino, Mercer County Freeholder Candidate

Jo Butler, Princeton Council Candidate

Bernie Miller, Princeton Council Candidate


Come hear the candidates and ask questions!!!!



State of NJ Ballot Questions 1 and 2 will be discussed


Public Question No. 1

Constitutional Amendment to Allow a Court to Order Pretrial Detention of a Person In a Criminal Case.


Public Question No. 2

Constitutional Amendment Dedicating State Funds for Open Space, Farmland, and Historic Preservation, and Changing Existing Dedication for Water Programs, Underground Storage Tanks, and Hazardous Site Cleanups.


At the Suzanne Patterson Center

(located behind Monument Hall)

7:30 - 9:00 pm

Princeton Democrats Celebrate the Contributions of Betty and Bob Fleming, and John Borden

About seventy committee members, supporters and elected officials attended the fall reception of the Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee on Sunday, September 7th, hosted by Anne and John Burns. The focus of the event was a celebration of the contributions to the local Democratic Party of Betty and Bob Fleming, and John Borden, all three of whom stepped down from the municipal committee in June of this year.

After introducing members of the Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee, Municipal Chair Peter Wolanin described the role of the committee in getting out the vote in Princeton.  He also emphasized that the purpose of the funds being raised at the reception would be to pay for printing, mailing, and essential campaign supplies, as well as to provide some financial support to candidates running in Princeton.

The first speaker was Assemblywoman and congressional candidate Bonnie Watson Coleman.  She thanked the municipal committee and others present for their support and commitment to turning out the Democratic vote.

Representative Rush Holt came forward to recall the contributions of the Flemings as part of the “A-team” of volunteers for his initial congressional campaigns.  He also described seeking advice before his first congressional run from John Borden and his late wife Gloria. Holt recalled that the Bordens not only urged him to run, but committed to helping with the campaign. This spirit of not just saying “yes” to whether he should run but also saying “we will help” is a distinguishing characteristic of the community of Princeton Democrats, according to Holt.

Freeholders Andrew Koontz and Pat Colavita then presented the Flemings and Borden with certificates from the Mercer County Board of Chosen Freeholders recognizing their service to the municipal and county Democratic committees.  Andrew Koontz recalled that John Borden was the last serving member of the former Princeton Borough Democratic Committee who had been part of the committee that elected Mr. Koontz as the Borough municipal chair in 1997.  In total, John Borden served about 28 years as a committee man and was noted by Freeholder Koontz for his reliability in working his district over those many years.

Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert spoke next to offer her personal thanks to Betty Fleming for serving as her campaign treasurer and to both Bob and Betty Fleming for volunteering on her campaign committees.  The mayor also thanked John Borden for his important contributions to the consolidation campaign in 2011.

Finally, the Flemings, and John Borden thanked the crowd for attending.  Bob Fleming ended by recounting his and Betty’s own political evolution in adopting progressive values and then becoming Democrats when they first moved to Princeton, and described how their political involvement had been an important part of their lives in the Princeton community over many years.

The Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee is composed of one man and one woman from each voting district who are elected on the primary ballot every two years, or appointed in the interim.  State law in title 19 defines the structure and essential duties of the committee.  For more information about the committee, see http://municipal-committee.princetondems.org.

Bob Fleming, Peter Wolanin, John Borden, Betty Fleming, Liz Lempert, Pat Colavita, Andrew Koontz and Rush Holt at the Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee reception.

Photo credit:  Dan Preston, Telequest Inc

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Trenton from the Grassroots-Dynamic Visions for a Better Future

Jun 22 2014 7:30 pm

PCDO Monthly Membership Meeting

Trenton from the Grassroots Dynamic Visions for a Better Future

Leadership Panelists Include:

  • John Hatch – Architect – a Partner of Clark Caton Hintz and also a Partner of HHG Development Associates, specializing in the adaptive reuse of historic structures;
  • Rev. Toby Sanders, former President of the Trenton School Board and currently President, United Mercer interfaith Organization (UMIO), Pastor, Beloved Community Church;
  • Tracey Syphax, President, Capitol City Roofing (& Ex Con) and the subject of a book called From the Block to the Boardroom – The Tracey D. Syphax Story
  • Nakia White, Chief Municipal Prosecutor, City of Trenton;

Panel Moderator:

Jeff Laurenti – former Director of Foreign Policy Programs for The Century Foundation and former Co-Chair, Mercer for Obama .


At the Suzanne Patterson Center (located behind Monument Hall)  


The Public is Welcome!

Results from Princeton Council Endorsement Vote on March 30th, 2014

On Sunday, March 30th between 7:15-9:00 PM, the Princeton Democratic Community Organization (PCDO) met at the Princeton Unitarian-Universalist Church to hold its 2014 Princeton Council Endorsement Meeting.   Nearly 400 people attended the meeting.   The Official Results from Endorsement Vote:   368 Votes Cast (221 Votes Required To Achieve 60% Endorsement Threshold)  
  • Bernie Miller   216 votes
  • Sue Nemeth   197 votes
  • Jo Butler         165 votes
  While none of the candidates will receive the PCDO Endorsement, all three candidates performed very well, and all three surpassed our lower threshold of 40% ensuring them continued support from the PCDO through the 2014 June Primary.