Witherspoon-Jackson Community Welcome Day

Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood to Hold Welcoming Weekend: MAY 18th & 19th

The Witherspoon-Jackson Historical and Cultural Society, The Witherspoon-Jackson Development Corporation, and the Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood Association will sponsor the “Witherspoon-Jackson Welcome Weekend on May 18th and 19th.

Neighbors will come toghether to help clean and beautify the neighborhood, and are inviting visitors to come for a neighborhood yard sale. While walking through the neighborhood in search of unique items, it will also be a one of a kind opportunity to learn about the culture, history, and people who live there now.

Organizers want to awaken the people and the neighborhood, and celebrate the most diverse, most eclectic, most interesting neighborhood in Princeton...the churches, homes, history, food, culture, music, art, local businesses and energy will all be on display over the two day weekend. We want to encourage maximum participation and engage everyone in some way to play an active part, both homeowners and those who rent.  

What's Happening:

On Saturday May 18th neighbors will engage in clean-up activities that include, sweeping sidewalks, cutting grass, raking leaves, cleaning windows, planting flowers and plants.  Organizers are hopeful that larger unwanted items that are no longer needed can be brought curbside for pickup by the municipality.  There are also plans to dispatch youth or other neighbors to homes where elderly or disabled individuals indicate the need for assistance.

On Sunday there will be a morning gathering at Studio Hillier, located at 190 Witherspoon Street, for the unveiling of the 2oth Historic District Cultural Trail and Plaques.  Afterwards there will be a guided tour of the historic trail with Shirley Satterfield.  Simultaneously there will be cultural displays, artwork, and music at the Mary Moss Playground where hot dogs, soda, chips, and ice cream will be available during the day.  There will also be yard sales scattered throughout the neighborhood where unique items and artifacts will be available to view and to purchase.  

In addition to the gathering, walking tour, and activities in the Mary Moss Playground, the four neighborhood churches and selected homes will welcome those who wish to enter.


Leighton Newlin