Emergency Polling Place Changes: Need Your Help to Spread the Word


Hurricane Sandy and the resulting power outages are forcing changes to polling locations for voters in 14 of Princeton's 22 voting districts (see official announcement below). This is on top of the fact that most Princeton voters will be voting in new districts, with new district numbers, for the very first time because of consolidation.

We need your help to get the word out, especially to voters who still lack power and may not have any access to e-mail, web or land line phone service. Even those with working cell phones are hard to reach since cell numbers are unlisted. Our GOTV effort for the 4 days (Saturday through Tuesday) will include a major focus on informing voters of the changes via canvassing and literature drops ... and phoning to the extent we have working numbers.

Please sign up here: www.princetondems.org/gotv/2012

Or just come to our staging location at 5 Evelyn Place, Princeton (a cul de sac off of Nassau, just west of Harrison St).  Extra parking available at the Bank of America lot on Nassau, East of Harrison St. 

Volunteer hours are:

  • 10 am - 7pm Saturday
  • 1 pm - 6 pm Sunday
  • 9 am - 9 pm Monday
  • 9 am - 7 pm Tuesday

Protecting the right to vote is a sacred civic duty, including helping people find *where* to vote. Your help in providing this essential information will be hugely important. If you have your power back or otherwise are in a position to help your neighbors, please join us!

And please see below to determine where YOU should plan on voting.



1) Check your sample ballot to find your voting district NUMBER (in the red box on the front of your sample ballot, to the left of your name & address)

*** if you don't have a sample ballot, find your district NUMBER here (it will also list your regular NON-emergency polling place):


2) If your district number is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21 or 22 ... refer to the announcement below to find you new EMERGENCY polling location.



Here is the official announcement, posted at princetonnj.gov/storm.html:






FOR DISTRICTS: 9, 11, 21 & 3


JADWIN GYM – 800 Faculty Road, Princeton University 
FOR DISTRICTS: 1, 2, 4, 14, 20, 15 AND 16 




If you do not know your polling district it will be listed on your sample ballot that you received in the mail.


* Princeton University's Computer Science Building is located at 35 Olden Street

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HQ is open, need GOTV volunteers

Princeton campaign HQ at 217 Nassau is back open for volunteer activities including phone banking and GOTV. See princeton4obama.com for more info.

To sign up for Princeton GOTV (Get Out The Vote) activities, please visit:



HQ also has Obama T-shirts ($10) and Obama lawn signs ($10 minimum, more appreciated)! Also free signs for Liz Lempert and other candidates, and buttons for a small donation.

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HQ partial re-opening Wednesday 10/31 at 12 noon

The HQ at 217 Nassau St in Princeton will re-open on a limited basis on Wednesday 10/31 at 12 noon. The HQ has power but, at last check, no Internet. Please check www.princeton4obama.com for news about full resumption of volunteer activities.

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HQ closed Monday and Tuesday due to storm


Due to the weather forecast, the Princeton campaign HQ at 217 Nassau St will be closed Monday 10/29 and Tuesday 10/30. We hope to re-open Wednesday, or as soon as conditions permit. We'll post updates at www.princeton4obama.com (provided we can access the internet to do those updates!).   For up-to-date official storm information from the united Princeton government: www.princetonnj.gov/storm.html. Updates for the whole community will also be posted on the Princeton Township Police Facebook page: www.facebook.com/princetontwppolice ... and on Twitter (click here).  
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PCDO Annual Re-org and Pot Luck Dinner

Jan 27 2013 6:30 pm

All PCDO members and friends are cordially invited to join us for our annual leadership election and potluck dinner on Sunday, January 27 at 6:30pm. Please bring a dish to share. Suzanne Patterson Center, 45 Stockton Street (behind Borough Hall).

PCDO members will vote on bylaws changes necessitated by municipal consolidation.

Nominating Report:

We are pleased to present the following candidates for the 2013 PCDO Executive Board.  Below the list are candidate bios as provided by the candidates.

President: Jon Durbin
VPs:  Sue Nemeth, Owen O’Donnell
Treasurer: David Cohen
Assistant Treasurer: Ginger Lennon
Recording Secretary: Peter Lindenfeld
Corresponding Secretary: Peter Wolanin

At Large Members: (Preceding the election there will be a vote on bylaws as to whether the number will be reduced from 12 to 10)
Jose Alcantara
Kathleen Cassidy
Kip Cherry
Mary Clurman
Liz Cohen
Donald Dowd
Jim Floyd   
Helen Heintz  
Anne Neumann  
Bob Sandberg
Linda Schwimmer
Sheldon Sturges


Candidate Bios
Jon Durbin is Editor and Vice-President at W.W. Norton and Co., Inc.  He also currently serves as Co-President of Princeton Little League.  His political experience includes serving as the former  Vice-President of the PCDO for Princeton Township, former Municipal Chair of the Princeton Township Democratic Committee, and current First Vice-Chair of the Princeton Democratic Committee.  His wife Jean is the Director of Development for the Arts Council of Princeton, and he has two sons, Teddy (Age 11), and Jack (Age 8) who attend Princeton public schools and love baseball.  Jon looks forward to working with the PCDO membership to raise awareness on crucial national, state, and local issues and helping ensure the continued success of strong Democratic candidates seeking political office.  

Vice Presidents:
Sue Nemeth is a current member of the PCDO Executive Committee and former Township Committeewoman and Deputy Mayor. She's a fundraiser and PR specialist at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers. She seeks the position of Vice President of PCDO and looks forward to working with both leaders and members to enhance the organization's power and presence in the community.

Owen O'Donnell is senior director with Information Today, Inc., a publishing firm in New Providence, NJ. He is a member of the Democratic Municipal Committee working on GOTV campaigns. He would like to contribute to the strong tradition of issues-oriented PCDO programs and, of course, help to ensure the continued success of Democratic candidates at all levels.

Corresponding Secretary
Peter M. Wolanin, Ph.D. is the current PCDO Corresponding Secretary.
In this capacity, Peter has assisted the president in publicizing meetings, sending membership notices, managing the PCDO website, and taking care of other organizational responsibilities. Peter is running again for Corresponding Secretary because he is interested in expanding the PCDO membership and improving technical capabilities for tracking memberships, and in communicating with PCDO members.

Recording Secretary

Peter LIndenfeld has lived in Princeton since 1957 and assisted at the birth of the PCDO.  He was active at the beginning, and then again later, with an intermission caused by the demands of his work at Rutgers.  He expects to continue to write the minutes, and also plans to revive the PCDO book group, which he has coordinated.

Assistant Treasurer
Ginger Lennon has a BA in Math.  She has been assisting treasurer David Cohen for a few years.  He manages the checkbook, the ELEC reports, reports to the executive board, and planning and she does much of the record keeping of the membership files.

David Cohen, who has served as PCDO President as well as Treasurer, has a goal of further refining our budgeting process and tracking of membership status.  He hopes to streamline our record-keeping and remove associated small aggravations from our members’ lives. This year may be the one in which we are able to create an on-line renewal option for those who like to manage their lives electronically.

At Large Members
Jose Alcantara, a professional cartographer and illustrator, worked for RCA for 15 years and then for Bristol-Myers-Squibb, in the Department of Public Affairs, illustrating abstracts for the Institute for Medical Research. An active PCDO member since the 1970’s, he is interested in immigration issues.

Kathleen Cassidy was part of the leadership team for the Princeton/Mercer County Obama Campaign. She coordinated the canvassing efforts, the focus of which was supporting the Pennsylvania effort to re-elect President Obama. She is retired from the State Department of Human Services and currently has a consulting business focusing on homeless and poverty issues. While living in Union County she was the campaign manager for Senate and Assembly campaigns. She would like to assist the PCDO in its continuing focus on policy and advocacy efforts as well as support of local campaigns.

Kip Cherry is a licensed Professional Urban Planner and a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, and has a MBA from the Wharton School/University of Pennsylvania.  She has 30 years of experience in urban planning, historic preservation, and marketing architectural and engineering services. Kip grew up in Princeton, left to pursue her career and returned in 2000. She has served on the PCDO Executive Board for several years and worked hard on the Obama campaign in numerous ways including the provision of publicity for Princeton’s Obama Headquarters.  She was previously a member of the PCDO’s Local Issues/PILOT Committee for over three years. She would like to be involved in developing upcoming PCDO programs/events and has a number of topics to propose.

Mary Clurman was responsible for decorating the PCDO's HQ during 2012 elections, and developed the Election Jeopardy game in order to involve and inform people attending the debates. She has recently organized a Latino committee for Latino Outreach; it distributes dual-language flyers to Hispanic residents and is forging alliances with related programs in the community.

Liz Cohen works as a hospice social worker and is involved in a number of community and synagogue activities. She is serving in her first term as a Municipal Committeewoman. In the last election she helped organize our Democratic HQ, co-chaired the Obama phonebank, and worked to increase engagement and get out the vote in our district. In the coming year she would like to help re-energize some of the PCDO's action and advocacy efforts.  

Don Dowd.  As a retired environmental and transportation engineer, Don has for several years worked toward consolidation. A self-described Jack-of-all-trades and a long-term PCDO member, he helps out wherever needed.

Helen Heintz is a retired Bell Labs engineer, the mother of two teenagers, and a very active volunteer in the community. She is treasurer for the Broadmead Swim Club, was treasurer for this fall's Princeton Democratic Campaign for Mayor & Council, and is currently devoting much-too-much time running the used bookstore at the Princeton Public Library. Helen brings software and business skills to help run the business of the PCDO.

Anne Neumann is a retired university professor of English who has served on Princeton's Environmental Commission, chaired the Borough's Affordable Housing Board, and been a long-time member of SPRAB, advising the Planning Board on development applications. She would like to focus on Democratic issues that are, at the same time, community issues. When the PCDO addresses community issues, it benefits both the community and itself: it becomes both a real force for good and a visible force for good.

Bob Sandberg is a playwright and theater director who teaches at Princeton University and has written educational shows for George Street Playhouse. He’s a district Committeeman who’s actively campaigned for Democratic candidates at all levels. He would like to help get more young people involved with the PCDO.

Linda Schwimmer owns Schwimmer Consulting, a firm that helps not-for-profits and businesses with Healthcare & Insurance strategies and policy. Linda and her family have lived in Princeton for 20 years. She is a lawyer and worked in private practice as well as the State Legislature and Department of Banking & Insurance. She hopes to contribute to the PCDO on formulating and effectively communicating its public policy goals and positions to the community at large.

Sheldon Sturges has lived in Princeton since the late 60's and has raised 3 children here. He is a publisher and entrepreneur. His company holds patents that will help people learn on the cellphone. He is a founder of Princeton Future Inc. and a Past President & Vice-President of the PCDO. He hopes to work for ways to keep Princeton affordable for all.

Respectfully submitted by Liz Lempert and Jenny Crumiller (Co-chairs), Mary Clurman, Liz Cohen, Doreen Blanc-Rockstrom, Peter Wolanin and Dan Preston, PCDO Nominating Committee

Candidates Night - PCDO monthly meeting

Oct 21 2012 7:30 pm

Everything (well at least one thing) You Always Wanted to Know About the Candidates*
* (but were afraid to ask)

Sunday, October 21, 7:30pm
Suzanne Patterson Center (behind Borough Hall)

Come and meet the Democratic candidates in this November’s races. This year we have President Obama at the top of the ticket, and our complete team of 6 Princeton Council candidates and Liz Lempert for Mayor. All candidates are invited ... and while not every one will be able to attend, we hope to hear from their campaigns if not directly from the candidate.  

To get our competitive juices flowing for the Get Out the Vote effort, we are having a contest to introduce the program. Each candidate has been asked to submit a favorite book, movie, or song – as well as a political leader who has inspired them. Everyone who attends the meeting will have a chance to try to match the candidates to their favorites. Winners will receive selected 2012 campaign items.