Who Needs Unions? - General Membership Meeting

May 22 2011 7:30 pm

The future of organized labor and the economic and political stakes for all of us

Sunday, May 22 at 7:30pm

Suzanne Patterson Center, One Monument Drive (behind Boro Hall), Princeton, NJ


Following the Citizens United ruling and the increasing flow of corporate cash into our elections, labor unions have never been more critical as a bulwark against powerful corporate interests.  But the downward trend of labor power seems to be increasing, accelerated by attacks on collective bargaining by Republican governors around the country.  


With unemployment at crisis levels, can the Democratic Party and organized labor rejuvenate their traditional alliance working on behalf of all workers and the middle class?  What are the risks here in NJ if our Republican Governor gets a Republican legislature...will we go the way of Wisconsin and Ohio? If labor continues to decline, will the Democratic Party and the middle class follow? How can we fight back – together?  



Michael Merrill:  Dean of the Harry Van Arsdale Center for Labor Studies at SUNY Empire State College.  B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in economic history from Columbia University.  He has developed workshops on "The Financial Crisis of 2008: Who Caused It and How Do We Fix It?" and "Workers in a Global Economy," delivered to 1,000 (NYC) building trades members; and has authored many papers on the state of labor and strategies for future success in various professional journals.


Don Dileo:  Currently serves as Vice Chair of the Mercer Democratic Party.  He is the former President of the Mercer County AFL-CIO, and its current Vice President. He has served on the Trenton Board of Education.  He is the former Political and Legislative Director, AFSCME, AFL-CIO for NJ, as well as its former International Union Representative.  A graduate of the Harvard Trade Union Program, he is a member of the NJ Board of Master Plumbers, and former President SEIU Local 175 Princeton University.