Resolution Supporting Competitive Primary Elections (1/20/08)

Submitted by Anne Reeves, Beth Healey, Chad Goerner, Wendy
Benchley, Dan Preston; Grace Sinden, Jenny Crumiller, Mark Freda, Peter
Lindenfeld, Robert Turoff, Russ Weiss, Tony Cline, Andrew Koontz and Barbara

WHEREAS, Competitive elections are essential for a healthy,
representative democracy; and

WHEREAS, Non-Competitive elections increase voter apathy,
reduce accountability and cause disillusionment with the Democratic Party; and

WHEREAS, Competitive elections increase voter participation,
increase accountability and lend vitality to the Democratic Party; and

WHEREAS, Competition tends to raise the caliber of the
winning candidates; a benefit to the Democratic Party and to the community; and

WHEREAS, Social dynamics among incumbents, party leaders and
PCDO members can be a powerful force against challenges to the status quo, and

WHEREAS, Voter demographics* virtually assure the election
of Democrats at the local level, and gerrymandering has reduced competitiveness
at the state legislative and congressional level;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the PCDO that we actively
promote competitive primaries within the Democratic Party and within our organization,
facilitating competition with concrete actions and by creating a social climate
where Democratic challengers at all levels are welcomed and encouraged.

* According to June 2007 voter registration records, 74% of
partisan voters in Princeton are Democrats and 26% are Republican