2008 Presidential Primary and the PCDO

January 20, 2008 PCDO Presidential Endorsement Vote - Our official endorsement vote, limited to eligible voting members, will take place at our annual membership meeting. We’ll have a potluck dinner at 6pm, followed by the PCDO leadership election and presidential endorsement vote at 7pm.

In order to vote, members will have to have paid their 2008 dues by January 5. A reminder with an envelope will be mailed to members in early December. If you are new or not on our postal mailing list and would like to join the PCDO, you can download a membership form or contact membership chair Laurie Harmon. Note that to have voting privileges you must be registered to vote in Princeton.

PCDO Straw Poll Results – dates are approximate, samples were very small and these are highly unscientific:

January: 1st Obama, 2nd Clinton, 3rd Edwards
February: 1st Gore, 2nd Clinton, 3rd Obama
May: 1st Obama, 2nd Clinton, 3rd Gore
October (10/21): 1st Clinton, 2nd Edwards, 3rd Obama
November (11/18): 1st Obama, 2nd Clinton, 3rd Edwards & Richardson (tie)
December (12/9) (open mike): 1st Obama, 2nd Clinton, 3rd Biden (see full results)


The New Jersey Presidential Primary is February 5, 2008

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Executive Board Minutes –
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