Weekly Update

Dear Fellow Democrats,

Now is when we must affirm our committment to democracy with a new or renewed membership to the PCDO.

It is a strange time for our country, and I write with a conflicted sense of urgency and resignation. Our commitment to the principles of equality, decency, honesty and integrity matters now more than ever as we approach the 2020 presidential election.

We are mired in impeachment proceedings where clear misconduct and abuse of power are, incredulously, denied by the White House and the Republican Party. What to do?

Over the last three years, we’ve both confronted and avoided pressing issues, protested and tuned out, joined resistance groups and blocked friends and family on social media, and we’ve even reworked family traditions to prevent fractious encounters. We’ve been inspired by our kids demanding courage from our legislators on climate change, and sickened as yet another mass shooting fails to gain national attention or any vital action by Congress or the White House. This fatiguing national embarrassment will end if we act.

Uniting as a community is one, big step to help us correct course. It is the “Community” in the Princeton Community Democratic Organization that wields the power to convene legislators and activists, policy makers, academics, journalists and you to listen, learn, and respectfully debate issues affecting our town, state, nation and world.

It is Community that enabled the LD-16 Assembly race to sail to victory in 2019, and propelled the NJ Congressional Blue Wave of 2018. For 52 years, the PCDO has been fostering community around progressive politics through its thoughtful members—you and your neighbors.

Please join us this year for an all-hands-on- deck effort to elect a Democratic President in the 2020 election.

  • The indomitable Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman will also be seeking re-election, along with the rest of the NJ Congressional delegation.
  • Senator Booker has not yet confirmed his intentions in the Senate race.
  • There is much to do in terms of organizing voter registration drives and ensuring the integrity of our election equipment and processes.
  • And the campaign headquarters will need a pool of reliable, steady hands to work with campaign staff and organize volunteers locally, regionally and nationally.

Renew or join the PCDO today! The suggested membership is ONLY $15. (No one is ever turned away due to an inability to pay.)

  • Annual membership fees support:
  • campaign gifts to progressive Democrats at all levels of government
  • monthly membership meetings and discussions
  • gatherings with elected officials and candidates
  • campaign headquarters, website and communications and much more.

Register online or download and return the membership form with your check.

Please, let’s work together to triumph over resignation and nurture community within our democracy.

Thank you,

Jean Yelovich Durbin President, PCDO 



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