Princeton Council Candidate Statements

Adam Bierman


  • Princeton High School
  • Rutgers University BA in Political Science
  • MA International Affairs and Public Policy

Relevant Experience

  • Previously served on PCDO Executive Board
  • Treasurer for the Mercer County Democratic Municipal Committee
  • I have canvassed on hundreds of doors to elect Dem candidates
  • Work at a state run school for teen moms in Trenton
  • CWA shop steward. I organize and protect workers' rights

Have 90% membership signing and retention rate for workers in my building.

  • I speak basic Spanish
  • Lived in El Salvador, Ecuador, and Taiwan

Why I want to run for Princeton Council

From my activist and organization work, I feel this is a natural progression to run for my hometown council, where I could have more of a direct impact on the lives of Princetonians.

I have built many stout relationships within the community, with local politicians, members of the University, operators and influencers, as well as the workforce. I am a sounding board for their concerns and with a win, I will be entrusted to speak on their behalf. I understand where we are going as a destination and a community, I will help bring an intelligent, independent, thoughtful balance (using rigorous analysis) to the decision making process.


If I am elected to Town Council, what are some ideas to address Affordable Housing and Smart Growth?

Princeton Council has already done a great job expanding Affordable Housing at Avalon Bay, Waxwoods. Now we all must wait for the Mercer County Judge ruling on how much more affordable housing we are going to be required to provide.

There is the Butler Track on Harrison St., we then need to negotiate with PU to provide more affordable housing for their lower income workers so they can live in town and hopefully not have to drive to work, lowering traffic congestion.

Use regulatory and monetary incentives to slow down "teardowns" and/or the size of the new homes that are built.

Allowing for the zoning of "mother in law' apartments. These one room apartments can be rented out by the owner of the dwelling, allowing for extra income for the "landlord" and an affordable room for the renter.

Building parking decks, park and ride, or incentives for businesses with workers that ride the bus or bike.

Leverage our assets, get more non tax revenue by renting out underused buildings like the old Boro Hall.


Myrtha N. Jasmin

Myrtha N. Jasmin of Princeton has announced that she will run for the town Council in 2018. She is the mother of a 23-year-old son, L'amier, and a 14-year-old daughter, Leah. Jasmin was born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Lawrence Township.

"I moved to Princeton because it offers a lot of opportunities, but I do believe there should be more diversity in the town and that people of color need more of a voice than they have had previously. Plus, the whole country needs to be in a better place. It’s time for a new set of eyes and a listening ear," she said. She is particularly concerned about issues of the young and the elderly.

After graduating from Lawrence High School, she attended the Gordon Phillips Beauty School in Lawrence, where she studied the arts of hairstyling and makeup. Her experience in numerous salons helped her understand the connection between beauty and culture.

In 2010, she started her own cosmetics line called Nadegecosmetics, sold online. Myrtha continues to use her voice to inspire women around the Tri-State area, via video conferences and a growing social media platform. In 2015, she self-published her first novel titled "The Black Lily--The Frame," which is available on Amazon. She is now working on sequels in the series.


Michelle Pirone Lambros

Dear PCDO Member:

With the upcoming PCDO Endorsement Meeting on Sunday, March 18th,   I would like to share some more information about me and why I am running for Princeton Town Council. 

Why am I Running?

My roots in our community run deep; my grandfathers and great grandfather were some of the earliest Italian immigrants to come from Pettoranello, Italy to Princeton and worked as stonemasons and landscapers at the University.    Princeton was built by many families like mine who sacrificed to build our community and give their families a better life.    I would like to see our Community continue to support diversity, and encourage smart growth and infrastructure investment.   To this end, my platform issues include four main pillars: supporting the small business community, preserving our historic character, maintaining socio-economic diversity and promoting greater sustainability.

Who am I?  

I have over 25 years of small business experience, starting up companies in the US and overseas.  My experience ranges from brick and mortar retail to online e-commerce, where I have managed multi-million dollar budgets, raised significant corporate funding and executed large scale, complex events.  I believe that my experience is very relevant and I am ready to make the transition from private enterprise to public service.

I have an M. A. degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University in Washington D.C., and a B.A. in Political Science from Seton Hill University in Greensburg PA.  I am a member of the PCDO and the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce.

What distinguishes my candidacy?’ 

 I bring fresh eyes and a different perspective to the critical issues facing our community.  Thinking out of the box for solutions to increase non-tax revenue for our town, opening up dialogue with different groups who may feel left out of our town politics, and forming new alliances between the private and public sector to find solutions to our issues, these are just some of the ways I believe I can make a difference in shaping our town’s future.

I believe in an inclusive government that gives a Voice for ALL Princetonians.  If elected, I promise to work hard to build bridges between varying constituencies as a pathway forward in shaping our town’s future.

I invite you to learn more about me and my platform at, and on Facebook at  I look forward to further dialogue and hope you will give me the opportunity to serve our community with your endorsement this Sunday, and your vote on June 5th.

Best regards,

Michelle Pirone Lambros

“Preserving our Past....Shaping our Future”

(609) 454-1702


Alvin McGowen


  • Princeton Nursery School
  • Princeton High School
  • Dartmouth College B.A. History
  • Catholic University of America J.D.

Relevant Experience:

  • Assistant Prosecutor, Mercer County Prosecutors Office
  • Chairman Princeton Affordable Housing Board
  • Commissioner Princeton Housing Authority
  • Active participant in the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood
  • Board member of Princeton Nursery School

Beginning in childhood when my father was an associate pastor and subsequently pastor at First Baptist Church on Green Street in Princeton, I have been involved in public service: Having had a career in the Prosecutor’s office and more than 20 years involved with affordable housing in Princeton. As a member of the Princeton Council, I plan to help implement the municipality’s affordable housing obligation.

Related to affordable housing, I will work to implement the parking study and smart growth.


Eve Niedergang

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I’ve spent much of my professional and volunteer life helping people work together to solve problems. If elected, I will bring my 25 years of experience as a leader and volunteer in this community to the job of being your Council representative. Those who have worked with me will attest to my collaborative, inclusive working style that values the voices of many to find and implement the best solutions for all.

I moved to Princeton in 1985 to pursue graduate work at Princeton University. My husband, Andy Weiss, and I fell in love with the town and decided to stay. Both my children attended Princeton Public Schools from K-12. Professionally, I worked at ETS and then as an educational testing consultant. Since 2016, I have been the volunteer coordinator at the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association.

  • I have been active in PCDO for more than ten years, serving twice on the Executive Board.
  • I have been Democratic Councilwoman for Princeton's Election District 18 since 2014.
  • I was closely involved with Bonnie Watson Coleman’s first campaign for Congress, both of Andrew Zwicker’s campaigns for State Assembly and numerous other campaigns.
  • At the Friends of the Princeton Public Library, I served on the Board and co-chaired the book sale for almost a decade.
  • I have held leadership roles in the Riverside PTO and the PTO Council.
  • I mentor a high school student through Give Something Back, which focuses on providing first generation college students with the tools they will need to succeed.

As a progressive Democrat I pledge to:

  • Encourage zoning and ordinances that promote smart growth to keep Princeton affordable, allow our older residents to continue living here, maintain our town’s diversity and plan for our expected court-mandated affordable housing requirement;
  • Minimize municipal property tax increases through careful analysis of expenditures and sharing additional services with our schools, other communities and Mercer County;
  • Work to protect our environment and maintain our commitment to sustainability;
  • Ensure that Princeton remains a welcoming community for all and that all residents are treated with respect and consideration;
  • Work proactively with local businesses so that our downtown remains an accessible and attractive destination for both residents and visitors; and
  • Reach out to Princeton University and other institutions of higher learning to explore initiatives of mutual benefit and to ensure that new taxable development stays in our town.

I ask for your support in the upcoming PCDO endorsement vote.


Thank you,


Eve Niedergang



Surinder “Paul” Sharma

My name is Dr. Surinder “Paul” Sharma and I am honored to announce my candidacy for Princeton Council. During my 23 years as a resident of Princeton, my time spent on Princeton government committees, and at Friends of Princeton Public Library, I have gained an understanding of the complexities and inner workings of Princeton government.

Recently, Princeton Council has lost several experienced and knowledgeable members. Our community deserves independent-minded councilmen with demonstrated knowledge, experience, technical/management skills, commitment to social justice and community service with compassion.

I am passionate about preserving the vibrancy, diversity, and safety in Princeton. My experience in engineering, project management, and business operations in Aerospace and Defense industry and my services in financial institutions have given me the competencies that can help to achieve greatness for Princeton. My recent Ph.D. research in U.S. government program management of major satellite programs have strengthened the analytical and quantitative expertise that will help me to work with the Council in managing priorities, making evidence-based decisions and implementation of next-generation technologies and solutions for Princeton’s growth.

As a candidate, my goals are clear: I am dedicated to social justice and improved quality of life for Princeton residents by lowering taxes, raising revenue, retaining local businesses, foster science, technology, and innovations, keeping neighborhoods safe, diverse, affordable and equitable. I plan to accomplish these goals by working constructively with the mayor, council members, staff, our educated community, innovative institutions, and businesses; to maintain Princeton as the best small city in the USA. I shall strive to keep Princeton a vibrant, engaged, sustaining, socially responsible, and a welcoming community.

I would humbly request that you accept my intent to run as a Democratic Candidate for Princeton Council. I look forward to tackling the challenges of local government and running a positive, holistic campaign.


Dwaine Williamson, Esq.

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I am writing to seek your endorsement for Princeton Council. As someone deeply committed to our town, I promise to represent you, and the Democratic values we share, as I use my knowledge and experience to confront the challenges we face.

I emigrated with my family from Jamaica as a young boy and grew up in Trenton. Living in nearby Princeton was a dream I could never have imagined possible. After graduating from Trenton High School, I attended Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in International Politics. After some years in the investment business, I earned my Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers University School of Law in Newark, and have made my career as an attorney in private practice.

In 1998, I moved to Princeton with my wife, Trina, an elementary school teacher. We are so proud of our three children, all of whom were born and raised here, and benefitted from their experience in Princeton Public Schools.

I serve on the Princeton Planning Board, on the front lines of working to preserve neighborhood character while facilitating smart, environmentally and economically responsible municipal growth. While on the board, I have enjoyed collegial and productive relationships with Council President Jenny Crumiller and Councilmen Tim Quinn and David Cohen. I chair the board’s Zoning Amendment Review Committee (ZARC), leading the difficult work of harmonizing former borough and township ordinances into a single code that make sense for a consolidated community.

I served as First Vice President of the PCDO, where together we made history by turning New Jersey’s 16 th Assembly District blue with the election of Assemblymen Andrew Zwicker and Roy Freiman. I am also the District 22 Committeeman for the Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee. One of my greatest joys in recent years has been volunteering, along with my wife, for Committed and Faithful Princetonians, a social and academic support group for local youth, run by Fern and Larry Spruill.

Princeton is a town with many advantages, yet steep challenges persist in order for these advantages to be shared equitably. I will work productively with the Mayor and Council, municipal staff, and the town's advisory boards, committees and commissions to develop cost-effective solutions.

I pledge to be a responsible steward of our public funds, working to find the right balance between maintaining excellent municipal services and limiting increases in the municipal portion of your property tax bill. We must ensure that contributions from our town's tax-exempt institutions are fair and appropriate. The University's existing PILOT should

serve as a starting point for enhancements that benefit both town and gown.

Bold leadership is needed to ensure the viability of our commercial sector and to keep Princeton affordable for residents aging-in-place, as well as for young families and those seeking to move here. Creating a network of walkable, bike-friendly streets between residential neighborhoods, and our schools and vibrant downtown core, is essential for keeping us all safely connected.

I am an immigrant in a nation of immigrants and proud to support Princeton's firm commitment to remain a welcoming community.

I pledge to remain accessible to you so that together we can create a community that reflects our vision and values. It would be my greatest honor to serve as your representative on Princeton Council.


Democratically Yours,

Dwaine Williamson, Esq.