Candidate Statement: Jenny Crumiller

Dear PCDO Members and Friends,


I am seeking re-election to Princeton Council for many of the same reasons I was motivated to run the first time:  Princeton is a beautiful town with a strong sense of community. My goal is to maintain Princeton as a diverse community—welcoming to young families as it was welcoming to me—and a town that is hospitable to those who want to age in place. I want to preserve its character, and I want it to be well run.


On Council, serving on committees with my colleagues and through collaboration with citizen volunteers, I have worked to save open space, improve the safety of our streets, reduce the financial burdens of sidewalk repair and replacement, and provide additional affordable housing. I am particularly proud of my efforts to spearhead the creation of a much-needed group home for the developmentally disabled, to involve the ACLU in a review of our police procedures, and to introduce the reporting of police stops by race and gender. I support the earned sick leave ordinance.


High property taxes are a concern of all our residents, especially seniors and those with low-to-moderate incomes. I have consistently advocated to hold the line on tax increases. During my service as an elected official, I have worked to control expenditures, to look for new sources of revenue, and to address factors that indirectly drive up taxes.


As a Council member and as a Planning Board member, I have been a leading advocate for the protection of Princeton’s neighborhoods. I believe that preserving and enhancing the small-town character of Princeton and our socio-economic diversity should be a top priority. As a member of the Planning Board, I am working to overhaul our zoning rules to address out-of-scale development. This effort requires careful attention to detail and sensitivity to competing interests. The process now underway will generate vigorous public discussion and debate, and in the end I expect that together we will arrive at workable and forward-looking solutions.      


I ask for your vote in order to continue to work for change while at the same time respecting consistency and tradition.  


You can read more about my positions at


Most importantly, please be sure to vote tomorrow, June 7, in the Democratic primary.

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