Candidate Statement: Leticia Fraga

Fellow Princeton Democrats,

Primary Day is almost upon us and I want to thank the other candidates for a great campaign season. 

I also want to underscore my strong commitment to this country where, with lots of help, it has been possible for me to build my own American Dream — to raise my children, to earn a living and to live in safety. 

This is not a privilege I take lightly. I’ve lived in other countries, and I have seen how people live. I feel committed to this town and its residents, to our shared principles and way of life.

Many different people call Princeton home. Individually, we may be entrepreneurs and scientists, social workers and law enforcement, healthcare professionals and bus drivers, teachers and lawyers, dishwashers and software developers, builders and bankers, nannies and Nobel prize winners.  Together we make this community great.  We have come from near and far and we are proud to call Princeton home. 

Everyday through this campaign I meet new and exciting members of our amazing community. Through these conversations, and listening to people, the issues that strike me as most urgent are affordability, inclusiveness, and safety.  Quality of life is a common thread that concerns us all.

The affordability crisis is real. We need a workable plan to boost local options for affordable housing, targeting rent levels to meet the needs of our residents who are living paycheck-to-paycheck. We also need to create new paths to home ownership for our working families and to support the ability of those living on limited or fixed incomes, struggling to care for relatives or to send children to college, to stay in place.

Princetonians want to live in a prosperous and dynamic community while maintaining our small-town feel.  We also want to ensure that our neighborhoods stay safe and crime-free.  Police cannot accomplish this alone.  We need to build bridges — of words and action — that enable residents and law enforcement to communicate and collaborate to build safer, more caring and sustainable communities.

I firmly believe that Princeton’s success grows out of our diversity just as it depends upon our shared prosperity.  This vision can only be fulfilled by electing a Council that reflects our various traditions, perspectives, and experiences; people dedicated to working together for the well being of individuals and our community.  I know that together, we can do great things for the people of Princeton.

After 17 years living and working here, and one very busy primary season, I know I am ready to give this job my all, representing the people of Princeton at the municipal level.

As you think about what you want your country and your town to look like in the future, the values you want to advance and the message you want to send, I hope that you will cast your vote for me, Leticia Fraga, this Tuesday.

Thank you,


Leticia Fraga
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