PCDO Endorsement Meeting Results

At the March 20th PCDO membership meeting, Liz Lempert receive the unanimous endorsement by acclamation from the club in her bid for a second term as Mayor.


The main event of the evening was the forum among four contenders running for two open seats on the Princeton Council. As a result of the strong candidate pool, the membership spread their votes such that no candidate received the 60% required to attain the club's endorsement. In the final count, Jenny Crumiller, Tim Quinn, and Anne Neumann each received the support level of 40% after the second ballot.


A total of 166 valid ballots were cast. Following the first ballot voting, the results stood as follows (percentages rounded to tenths):


Jenny Crumiller          80 votes (48.2%)

Tim Quinn                  79 votes (47.6%)

Anne Neumann           54 votes (32.5%)

Leticia Fraga               52 votes (31.3%)


According to the rules of the meeting, the person with the fewest votes, Leticia Fraga, was eliminated from contention for the runoff count. In the runoff, the following results were tabulated:


Jenny Crumiller          93 votes (56.0%)

Tim Quinn                  88 votes (53.0%)

Anne Neumann          68 votes (41.0%)


As per the bylaws, the results will be communicated to the Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee as part of their consideration regarding the candidates' ballot placement for the June primary. At the Municipal Committee meeting, the Committee will meet with each of the four candidates and then vote to recommend which is placed in the Democratic column, which will receive the official party logo and slogan next to their name, and the order of the candidates in the column. The Committee's recommendations are then passed to Mercer County Democratic Party Chair Liz Muoio for final approval before the primary ballots are printed.


The PCDO Executive Board wishes to thank all the candidates for an informative discussion of the issues. It also expresses its appreciation to all the members who came out to make their voices heard in our democratic process. 

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