This year, as New Jerseyans face growing rates of foreclosure and many have lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy, we at PCDO  are asking our members to support those who help the homeless in our community. Our donations at the PCDO meeting on Sunday, December 16 are going to HomeFront, a great service and advocacy organization.  From the HomeFront website:

On any given night, HomeFront provides shelter to 450 people, most of them children. We also provide food to hundreds every week, but these services are only the beginning. We have a host of programs to prevent homelessness, provide affordable housing, encourage education, teach job skills and promote good child care and positive family life. We seek to provide low-income families in our community with permanent solutions to the agonies of poverty – solutions that pass from this generation to the next.

In these troubled economic times more and more families face unemployment, foreclosure, homelessness and hunger. The demand for our services has seriously increased. Donations from our supporters are more important than ever. You can make a difference in their lives:

Make an online donation to HomeFront



Thanks for your generosity.  May your giving warm your holiday season!   

Happy holidays from the PCDO Executive Board.

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Princeton Elects Democrats to Lead the New Town

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, voters elected Liz Lempert as Mayor of the new consolidated Princeton. The voters chose Jo Butler, Jenny Crumiller, Heather Howard, Lance Liverman, Bernie Miller and Patrick Simon for the new 6-member Council.

Voter turnout in Princeton was strong, despite the difficulties in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Unofficial results via the Mercer County Clerk's office (note: Numbers do not include vote by mail or provisional ballots, and the results are not certified. Since vote by mail has become increasingly popular, the final totals will be higher. But there are not enough uncounted ballots to change the outcome):


Princeton Mayor
22/22 100.00%
  Vote Count Percent
Rep - Richard C. WOODBRIDGE 3,939 39.25%
Dem - Elizabeth 'Liz' LEMPERT 6,093 60.72%
Personal Choice 3 0.03%
Total 10,035 100.00%

Princeton Council
22/22 100.00%
  Vote Count Percent
Rep - Geoff ATON 3,533 7.80%
Dem - Heather HOWARD 6,914 15.27%
Dem - Arden 'Lance' LIVERMAN 6,861 15.15%
Dem - Patrick SIMON 7,090 15.66%
Dem - Bernard 'Bernie' P. MILLER 7,114 15.71%
Dem - Jenny CRUMILLER 6,807 15.04%
Dem - Jo BUTLER 6,903 15.25%
Personal Choice 51 0.11%
Total 45,273 100.00%


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Who Scott Sillars is Voting For

In case you received a robocall implying otherwise, here's a photo that Scott Sillars shared, indicating who he will vote for on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

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HQ is open, need GOTV volunteers

Princeton campaign HQ at 217 Nassau is back open for volunteer activities including phone banking and GOTV. See for more info.

To sign up for Princeton GOTV (Get Out The Vote) activities, please visit:


HQ also has Obama T-shirts ($10) and Obama lawn signs ($10 minimum, more appreciated)! Also free signs for Liz Lempert and other candidates, and buttons for a small donation.

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HQ partial re-opening Wednesday 10/31 at 12 noon

The HQ at 217 Nassau St in Princeton will re-open on a limited basis on Wednesday 10/31 at 12 noon. The HQ has power but, at last check, no Internet. Please check for news about full resumption of volunteer activities.

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Democrats nominate Lempert for Mayor; Howard, Liverman, Miller, Simon, Crumiller, Butler for Council

Congratulations to Liz Lempert, Princeton's Democratic nominee for Mayor. Democratic Primary voters also selected Heather Howard, Lance Liverman, Patrick Simon, Bernie Miller, Jenny Crumiller and Jo Butler to be on the November ballot for Princeton Council.

Many thanks to all the candidates, including Kevin Wilkes who sought the Mayor's spot, and to Scott Sillars, Tamera Matteo and Roger Martindell for their efforts to run for Council. We had an embarrassment of riches, and too few spots to accommodate all the qualified candidates.

Vote totals are available at the County Clerk's website:

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