Crumiller, Quinn Take Council Nominations

Congratulations to all the candidates who ran in today's primary. Voting machine counts from each Princeton district in addition to vote by mail results from the Mercer County Clerk's office showed the following results for the Princeton Council race:

Jenny Crumiller 2,722
Tim Quinn 2,278
Leticia Fraga 2,225
Anne Neumann 1,406

Jenny and Tim will represent the party in the November election. Congratulations to them and our sincere thanks to Leticia and Anne for running solid, issues-oriented campaigns.

Mayor Liz Lempert, running unopposed, gathered more than 4,000 votes, while Andrew Koontz led the freeholder candidates with 3,210 ballots cast in his favor. Andrew's running mate for freeholder, Anthony Verrelli, gained 2,797 votes to come in second.

At the top of the ticket, Princeton voters cast 3,635 votes in favor of Hillary Clinton and 1,590 for Bernie Sanders.

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Candidate Statement: Liz Lempert

Dear Fellow Democrats,


Since being elected mayor in 2012, I have worked together with the Princeton Council, municipal staff, and community members to make consolidation a success, and to focus our newly unified government around the progressive values of openness, sustainability, and inclusion. I am writing to ask you for your support this Tuesday and in November.

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Candidate Statement: Jenny Crumiller

Dear PCDO Members and Friends,


I am seeking re-election to Princeton Council for many of the same reasons I was motivated to run the first time:  Princeton is a beautiful town with a strong sense of community. My goal is to maintain Princeton as a diverse community—welcoming to young families as it was welcoming to me—and a town that is hospitable to those who want to age in place. I want to preserve its character, and I want it to be well run.

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Candidate Statement: Tim Quinn

Dear Fellow Democrats,


I've so enjoyed this campaign for the Democratic nomination for Princeton Council, which has strengthened my commitment to serving everyone in Princeton. When I was a boy growing up in a working class household, I would hear my family talk with great admiration and affection about leaders like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. I've never forgotten why my family  felt this fondness: we believed these leaders somehow understood us, though we had never met. We just knew they understood our struggles and our dreams for our families, our communities and our nation.

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Candidate Statement: Leticia Fraga

Fellow Princeton Democrats,

Primary Day is almost upon us and I want to thank the other candidates for a great campaign season. 

I also want to underscore my strong commitment to this country where, with lots of help, it has been possible for me to build my own American Dream — to raise my children, to earn a living and to live in safety. 

This is not a privilege I take lightly. I’ve lived in other countries, and I have seen how people live. I feel committed to this town and its residents, to our shared principles and way of life.

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Candidate Statement: Anne Neumann

Dear PCDO members,


Let me outline a vision for Princeton that many of us share and suggest some policies to help achieve that vision. I learned these policies during my extensive municipal service and from research I've done as Chair of the PCDO's Local Issues Committee. If you share my vision and trust the policies I'm suggesting, please vote for me in Tuesday's primary.

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