Recap of PCDO Gubernatorial Endorsement Vote

On the evening of Sunday, February 12, the Princeton Community Democratic Organization held its gubernatorial candidate forum and endorsement meeting at the Suzanne Patterson Center in Princeton. More than 300 people attended the standing-room only event, with some being turned away at the door. The forum featured four leading Democratic candidates for governor: Jim Johnson, Raymond Lesniak, Phil Murphy, and John Wisniewski. The PCDO’s First Vice President, Dwaine Williamson, moderated the event. After the candidates each delivered short opening statements, Williamson asked them questions supplied by the crowd, ranging over such topics as immigration, the Affordable Care Act, charter schools, pension reform, and the recently enacted gas tax. While each of the candidates offered their own visions and proposals, they were unified in their rejection of the Christie administration and in their commitment to electing a strong Democratic candidate as governor of New Jersey.

After a first round of voting by members of the PCDO, Murphy and Wisniewski faced off in a run-off, which Wisniewski won, earning just over 60% of the vote, the necessary amount to earn the organization’s endorsement. The meeting was broadcast live through Facebook, and a video of the gubernatorial forum is available on the PCDO’s Facebook page:

Before the forum, Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker spoke about the current political situation and upcoming race in LD-16

Future monthly meetings of the PCDO will be held on March 19, April 23, May 21, and June 11 at 7 p.m. at the Suzanne Patterson Center. The March 19 meeting will feature a Candidate Forum and Membership Endorsement Votes for Local Races. At the April 23 meeting, Brandie Canes-Wrone, the Donald E. Stokes Professor of Public and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton, will speak on the impact of campaign donors on congressional and presidential behavior.

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Endorsement Meeting for New Jersey Governor

Sunday, February 12th

PCDO Candidate Endorsement for

New Jersey Governor


We are pleased to announce that four Democratic candidates for the office of Governor of New Jersey will answer your questions and seek the PCDO’s endorsement.

(in alphabetical order)

Jim Johnson

Raymond Lesniak

Phil Murphy

John Wisniewski

To gain the club’s endorsement, a candidate must receive 60% of the ballots cast by the Organization's members present and voting.

In the event that no candidate receives 60% in the first round, the top two vote-getters will be eligible to have their names written on a second ballot. Please do not fill in your second ballot until after the result of the first ballot is announced. Only official PCDO ballots provided to eligible voting members will be recognized during counting.

You must be present to vote. No proxy or absentee ballots will be accepted in either round of voting.


The candidates’ program will be preceded by a

Vote on a Proposed Bylaws Amendment to Give Affiliate Members the Right to Vote in Non-Princeton Matters

Before the candidates speak, there will be a vote on a proposed bylaws change to give affiliate members (that is, non-Princeton residents) the right to vote on PCDO matters of statewide or national importance. If passed by 2/3 of the current full members in attendance, the change will immediately go into effect, allowing affiliate members to vote in the candidate endorsement.


Sunday, February 12th

Suzanne Patterson Center

(behind Monument Hall)

45 Stockton Street

Doors Open at 6:30 PM

Meeting Begins PROMPTLY at 7:00 PM

Free parking is available. Overflow parking is available at Morven Museum and Garden, 55 Stockton Street


Eligible attendees with up-to-date PCDO membership as of January 29, 2017, may participate in the endorsement and bylaws amendment votes.


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PCDO 2017 Executive Board Election Results

Thanks to everyone who came out for The January 29th PCDO Reorganization Meeting. We had 112 ballots cast for excutive board, and a number of additional people at the meeting.

The newly elected Executive Board members are:



Owen O’Donnell

1st Vice President

Dwaine Williamson

2nd Vice President

Jean Durbin


David Cohen

Assistant Treasurer

Matthew Hancock

Corresponding Secretary

Joanna Dougherty

Recording Secretary

Peter Lindenfeld



At Large Members (12)

Kip Cherry


Liz Cohen


Amner Deleon


Mark Freda


Paul Gilmore


Jonathan Kaledin


Amy Mayer


Leighton Newlin


Eve Niedergang


Jeffrey Oakman


Ryan Protter


Sheldon Sturges


A big thank you to everyone who put their name in to be a candidate. The statements and listening to the at-large candidates address the crowd highlighted not just your commitment to progressive causes but pointed out how lucky the PCDO is to have such active and enthusiastic members who are willing to take leadership roles.

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Video of 2 Buses from Princeton at the Jan 21 Women's March


This video was created and shared by PCDO member (and film maker) Dan Preston.


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We Are Democrats

If you need to be reminded why we are voting and vounteering for Hillary Clinton, here's a lovely reminder of our principles and history as Democrats:


Gat a lawn sign or button or sign up for GOTV at the Princeton for Hillary HQ

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Overflow Crowd At Hillary for NJ Kickoff

Thank you to everyone who attended (or tried to attend) Sunday's opening event. We had a strict fire code occupancy limits and we were delighted by the large turnout but very sorry we could not get everyone inside the rooms. Speakers included Jennifer Holdsworth, New Jersey State Director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign; John Currie, New Jersey State Democratic Chair; Brian Hughes, Mercer County Executive; and U.S. Senator Cory Booker. Senator Booker energized the crowd and asked the attendees to commit to canvassing and phoning for Hillary Clinton.

You can come to the office Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm to phone bank, and we have voter registration and turnout canvassing Saturday and Sunday in Philadelphia as well as voter registration locally. You can also come into the office every day to help make phone calls.

If you were not at the event this video recording of the speeches may help give you a sense of the energy. It was captured from the back of the room so we apologize for any lack of clarity.

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