Phil Murphy Statement to PCDO members


Phil Murphy is a true progressive who doesn’t owe the special interests anything. He will move New Jersey forward from the failures of Chris Christie and the State House insiders and, as governor, Phil will stand strong against Donald Trump’s outrageous and unconstitutional efforts.

Phil grew up in a family that lived paycheck to paycheck — a father who never graduated from high school and a mom who was a secretary — and put himself through college and graduate school with hard work, loans, and scholarships. After a successful career in business, Phil left to devote his efforts to working with those who most need a hand.  That’s why Phil and his wife Tammy have helped lead local charities that assist domestic violence survivors and troubled teens.

Phil Murphy served our nation as President Obama’s Ambassador to Germany, and was part of the team that rebuilt the Democratic Party, took back Congress from Republicans in 2006 and helped elected President Obama in 2008.

He co-founded a program at Rutgers so New Jersey’s long-term unemployed can gain the skills and contacts to get good jobs, is New Jersey’s sole representative to the national board of the NAACP, and has led national and state task forces on education and public employee pensions and benefits.



For a full view of Phil Murphy’s positions, please visit Below are Phil’s views on several key issues facing our state. 



Even as the rest of the nation has recovered, our economy is still where it shouldn't be — flat as a pancake and profoundly unfair. And, because of our broken system, if someone is getting ahead, it’s because someone else is being left behind. As governor, Phil will focus on New Jersey’s core advantages to attract businesses, empower workers, and grow the economy by growing the middle class. Critical investments have been put off for too long by governors whose only interest has been the next election. Phil Murphy will draw on his diverse experiences in the business, non-profit, and public sectors to create a dynamic and innovative 21st century economy that works for all New Jerseyans by:


  • Growing our economy through targeted investments in infrastructure, education, and small businesses;
  • Making New Jersey’s economy fair by raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, mandating earned sick leave and equal pay, expanding the EITC, and establishing a child and dependent care tax credit; and
  • Redirecting state and local deposits to an innovative public bank that will make critical investments in student loans, small businesses, and community development and infrastructure; putting our tax dollars to work for New Jersey rather than increasing the bottom lines of Big Banks and Wall Street.




Phil is a public school product and the brother of a recently retired Boston city educator. He is proud to have received the endorsement of the NJEA, which represents over 200,000 educators statewide.

Phil believes that our public schools are a critical part of what makes this state great. People move here and businesses invest here because of the world-class public schools in New Jersey. But for too long, we’ve had leaders who would rather spend money on tax breaks for special interests than invest in our children’s future. Rather than blaming educators, Phil will work with them to develop an education system that prepares every child to succeed in a 21st century economy by:


  • Restoring the only school funding formula that has been upheld by the Supreme Court;
  • Working to expand free pre-K to all families in New Jersey;
  • Ending high-stakes testing and replacing PARCC with shorter tests that provide real-time feedback to help educators correct problems immediately;
  • Implementing a state-of-the-art STEAM curriculum; 
  • Expanding access to community colleges for high school students and creating new vocational training programs to provide alternative pathways to success; and
  • Giving local communities a stronger voice in education decisions by working to end state takeovers and abandoning the top-down approach of the Christie administration.




Phil believes that if we want to keep our state economically competitive and successful, our leading export can no longer be high school seniors. He is committed to making college affordable for every New Jersey student. Specifically, he will:


  • Increase state aid to institutions of higher education, including community colleges, to lower tuitions and fees;
  • Expand access to community colleges for high school students and create new vocational training programs to provide alternative pathways to success;
  • Provide loan forgiveness to STEM graduates working in STEM jobs in the state and create incentives for private sector employers to provide student loan relief as a core employee benefit; and
  • Help New Jerseyans stuck with student loans at above-market rates by offering state-based refinancing at lower rates through a new public bank.




Access to health care is a basic right – one that is under assault by Donald Trump and Republicans in Washington and the special interests that support them. New Jersey has been a national leader on this issue before. Phil will make sure we are again. This starts with standing up to Donald Trump and the right-wing agenda to repeal the ACA and gut Medicaid and Medicare, which would cause nearly 800,000 people in New Jersey to lose coverage.

Phil will also take the lead on health reform at the state level by:


  • Lowering insurance premiums by reining in excessive out-of-network costs and bulk purchasing critical drugs, such as EpiPens;
  • Restoring state funding to Planned Parenthood and ensuring that all-FDA approved methods of contraception remain accessible to New Jersey women with no out-of-pocket costs;
  • Working to identify the state’s 75,000 uninsured children and enrolling them in health coverage; and
  • Expanding access to addiction treatment and services.




Phil will immediately restore New Jersey’s place in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Governor Christie’s decision to pull out not only slowed progress on lowering emissions, but it also cost New Jersey tens of millions of dollars that should have been used to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, and improve air quality in urban communities.

Phil understands that we need to generate clean energy here in New Jersey and not import polluting electricity from neighboring states while exporting jobs. That is why he will increase the amount of electricity utilities are required to purchase from local wind and solar sources. He will also make sure New Jersey develops its enormous offshore wind opportunities, which will not only reduce our carbon footprint but has the potential to create good, new jobs. Phil will also develop a plan for New Jersey to eventually reach 100% carbon-free electricity. Through these efforts, New Jersey will regain its place as a national clean energy leader, which will both protect our environment and grow our economy.

Phil also knows that transportation is by far the largest source of climate pollution in the state. That is one reason why he believes it is paramount that the mismanagement of NJ Transit be corrected immediately. Phil will work to restore the safety and reliability of the country’s best statewide transit system. He also believes more needs to be done to make sure that electric vehicles are a priority and that all travelers, especially commuters, have easy, affordable access to electric vehicle charging stations.



We are a better, stronger, more representative democracy when more people participate. Across the nation, Republicans have systematically tried to disenfranchise voters. Here in New Jersey our over age-18 population is seven million people strong, but we have only 5.6 million registered voters and ranked 29th in turnout in the 2016 presidential election. The answer to both is clear: Make it easier for people to register, and give them more opportunities to cast their vote.

As governor, Phil will empower voters and increase participation by:


  • Making voter registration easier through automatic, online, and same-day voter registration;
  • Implementing early voting; and
  • Allowing 17-year-olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 by election day. 




Phil is committed to helping make sure that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules has a chance to build a middle-class life. New Jerseyans face some of the highest housing costs and the highest property taxes in the nation. We also continue to suffer from the effects of the Great Recession, including the second highest foreclosure rate in the country.

We face an affordable housing crisis in our state. Phil will tackle it head-on by:


  • Stopping Governor Christie’s practice of diverting affordable housing funds to plug holes in the budget;
  • Expanding counseling programs to keep people in their homes and repurposing foreclosed properties as affordable housing; and
  • Expanding tax credits to create new housing; and
  • Lowering property taxes by funding our schools, incentivizing shared services, and restoring rebates to low-income, seniors and disabled residents.




Phil will not hesitate to take on President Trump to protect New Jersey’s residents and our progressive values. From defending the Affordable Care Act to taking on the president’s misguided efforts to roll back Wall Street reforms and consumer protections put in place after the Great Recession, Phil will hold Trump to account.

As governor, Phil will not enforce any attempts by President Trump to use our state and local police to enforce his un-American and unconstitutional proposals. And, he will appoint an Attorney General who believes the same.

Phil has held discussions with Dreamers at our state’s colleges and universities to hear their stories and assure them that they not are part of New Jersey’s future, but he will fight to protect their rights.

Since President Trump signed his January 27 executive order essentially banning Muslims from entering the United States, Phil has worked closely with New Jersey’s Islamic community to recommit his support, and to strategize on how we can best work together to protect New Jersey residents caught up in the confusion of this misguided and unconstitutional order.

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