PCDO Endorses Lautenberg

The PCDO endorsed Senator Frank Lautenberg for reelection at its May 18 general membership meeting. The vote was 27 -3.
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General Membership Meeting

Open-mike Discussion & Endorsement Vote

for United States Senator

speak your mind — hear your neighbors

Rob Andrews* Donald Cresitello Frank Lautenberg

Sunday, May 18, 7:30—9:00pm

Suzanne Patterson Center (behind Boro Hall, 45 Stockton St. Princeton)

Candidates or their surrogates will be given up to 5 minutes to speak and 10 minutes to answer questions from the audience. Following the candidates, audience members will be given the floor for up to two minutes each to finish the statement, "why I’m supporting..." .

The ballot box will close after the last speaker finishes.

This meeting is open to the public and newcomers are welcome to attend and speak. Because it is an official endorsement vote only eligible PCDO members may vote. Registered Democrats who vote in Princeton Borough or Princeton Township who have paid their 2008 PCDO dues by May 4 are eligible to vote.

* Mr.Andrews will attend.

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Local Endorsement Vote Results

March 30, 2008 Endorsement Meeting

240 PCDO Member Ballots were cast (an all-time record number), 186 by Township residents and 54 by Borough residents. This means that to reach the endorsement threshold, 112 votes from Township residents were required to garner 60% of the Township votes, and 120 total votes were required to obtain 50% of the total. The tallies were as follows:






Bernie Miller





Casey Lambert





Sue Nemeth





No endorsement






Based on the required levels mentioned above, none of the candidates received 60% of Township votes, while all of the candidates over 50% of the total votes.

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3/1/08 Freeholder Endorsement Vote Results

Andrew Koontz won the PCDO endorsement, having received more than the 60% of votes needed for endorsement according to our bylaws. No other candidates reached that threshold.




Total Number of Voters 67

Each voter could cast up to three votes (for three open positions on the June ballot)

Dan Benson 26

John Cimino 5

Andrew Koontz 59

Tony Mack 19

Michael Maloney 5

Lucylle R.S. Walter 31

Alysia Welch-Chester 23


The fundraiser for the headquarters was a great success – we brought in about $2100. Thank you to all who came, who contributed and who made chili!


Although we didn’t end up actually holding any contests, the person who made the lamb chili should know that it received the most compliments/ recommendations.

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