PCDO Supports 3 Princeton Council Candidates

Special thanks to the Princeton Council candidates, as well as the PCDO Executive Board and PCDO members for making our Local Candidate Forum and Endorsement meeting a success. Thanks, too, Asm. Zwicker for moderating the forum. As we turn towards the primary election on June 4, 2019, we know the Candidate Forum and Endorsement Meeting provided an opportunity for the candidates to be heard, refine their platforms, and reach the largest pool of Democratic voters in our community in true grassroots fashion. Thank you for your participation.

After one round of voting, all three (3) candidates received the support of the PCDO, but none received the endorsement.  In order to receive the endorsement, a candidate must meet or exceed 60% of the votes cast by members then present and voting. Members who reach at least 40% but less than 60% receive the support of the organization.  The vote was calculated after one round of voting by secret ballot using ranked choice voting to weight voters’ first and second choices equally:

  • Council Candidate Mia Sacks received the PCDO’s support for Princeton Council with 59% of the vote
  • Council Candidate and incumbent Tim Quinn received the PCDO’s support for Princeton Council with 58% of the vote
  • Council Candidate Michelle Pirone Lambros received the PCDO’s support for Princeton Council with 40% of the vote

There were 165 ballots cast and one (additional) ballot was disqualified.  Voters were asked to rank up to three (3) Council candidates. Voters’ first and second choices were ranked equally. The breakdown of the vote follows:



Total First and Second Votes







Pirone Lambros




The PCDO will share its endorsement meeting results with the Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee, who will hold the ballot placement meeting on March 18. 


Jean Y. Durbin

PCDO President


P.S. Join us for these upcoming events:

  • BWC Blue Wave Celebration and Fundraiser, March 20 at 6pm

  • Mercer County Democratic Convention, March 21, WW Athletic Club, 99 Clarksville Rd (Open to the public)

  • Freeholder Koontz Fundraiser, March 24 at the IVY 4-6pm

  • April 14 PCDO Monthly Meeting: Princeton’s climate action plan with presentation and discussion with Sustainable Princeton, 7pm


For those who attended the meeting, Asm. Zwicker's bill A5205 on RCV should be published early this week. The bill may be found here once it's posted, and its description reads: A5205 Establishes ranked-choice voting procedure for elections for Governor, State Senate, State General Assembly, United States Senate and House of Representatives, and presidential primaries and general elections for electors for United States President and Vice-President. 



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PCDO Endorses State and County Candidates

Five Democratic candidates seeking reelection at state and county levels appeared before the PCDO membership on February 10 to share their respective visions and priorities for the future. After their remarks, each candidate answered a variety of questions submitted by the audience on topics such as immigration, economic development, taxes, state government working to reduce the tax burden, how our county budget is structured and where our county taxes are allocated, recycling, and more.

The members present voted unanimously to formally endorse each candidate. They are as follows:

  • ENDORSED: NJ Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker
  • ENDORSED: NJ Assemblyman Roy Freiman
  • ENDORSED: Mercer County Freeholder, Andrew Koontz
  • ENDORSED: Mercer County Freeholder, Nina Melker
  • ENDORSED: Mercer County Executive, Brian Hughes

Make a difference and hear our four local council candidates at a forum on Sunday, March 17. Note: Only PCDO members who join or renew prior to March 3 may vote to endorse a candidate. Click here to join and learn more about becoming a PCDO member today!


Assemblymen Andrew Zwicker and Roy Freiman



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2019 Officers and Executive Board Seated at January 20th Reorganization Meeting

The 2019 reorganization meeting for the PCDO was held at the Suzanne Patterson Senior Resource Center on January 20th.  The officers for the coming year are:

Jean Durbin -- President
Mary Anne Greenberg and Jeffrey Oakman -- Vice Presidents
Peter Lindenfeld -- Recording Secretary
Joanna Dougherty -- Corresponding Secretary
Owen O'Donnell -- Treasurer

At-large Executive Board members are Jose Alcantara, Kip Cherry, Liz Cohen, Chris Fistonich, Mark Freda, Dosier Hammond, Bernie Miller, Leighton Newlin, Tommy Parker, Patty Soll, Sheldon Sturges, and Denny Velazquez.

Chairs of standing committees who will also serve on the 2019 Executive Board are Caroline Cleaves (Programming), Maureen Quap (Logistics), and Bill Schofield (Publicity), as does Princeton Democratic Municipal Committee Chair Scotia MacRae.

According to the PCDO bylaws, ex officio members of the Board include duly elected or appointed Democratic municipal officials as well as Democratic officials of the County of Mercer, the State of New Jersey, and the federal government who live in the Princeton, provided they are members of this organization. Included among this group are Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes, Mercer County Freeholder Andrew Koontz, Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert, and Princeton Council members David Cohen, Jenny Crumiller, Leticia Fraga, Eve Niedergang, Tim Quinn, and Dwaine Williamson.

Congratulations to all the officers and Board members. 

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