April 3, 2011 Endorsement Meeting Results

The PCDO's endorsement meeting for local races had a tremendous turnout this evening. No nominations were made from the floor, so the two Township Committee candidates were endorsed by acclamation. After the Borough candidates spoke, a total of 200 ballots were collected and counted from PCDO members.

To summarize the results, of the three candidates for Mayor, only David Goldfarb exceeded the 40% of the Borough votes, the threshold to receive a recommendation to be placed in the Democratic column on the primary ballot, but without the official slogan. In the council race, both Heather Howard And Barbara Trelstad exceeded 60% of the Borough votes and 50% overall, so received the full endorsement of the PCDO to be in the column with the official slogan on the primary ballot.

A detailed breakdown of the votes is as follows:

  • Borough votes: 113
  • Twonship votes: 87

Borough Mayor

Candidate Borough votes Borough % Township votes Total %
David Goldfarb 49 43% 33 41%
Yina Moore 22 19% 23 23%
Anne Waldron Neumann 22 19% 17 20%
no endorsement 20 18% 14 17%

Borough Common Council

Candidate Borough votes Borough % Township votes Total %
Heather Howard 93 82% 72 83%
Barbara Trelstad 68 60% 51 60%
Thomas Zucosky 36 32% 38 37%

Note that percentages are calculated in terms of ballots cast.

The candid photo below gives a sense of how packed the room was and the intensity of attention directed at the candidates.

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