PCDO Leadership 2017

The Executive Board of the Princeton Democratic Organization oversees all the operations of the club. Every Democratic elected official residing in Princeton as well as the Municipal Chair and vice chairs, are ex-officio members of the Executive Board. Each year, the members of the PCDO elect officers who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the club.

For information about our leadership election process click here.

President: Owen O’Donnell

1st Vice President: Dwaine Williamson

2nd Vice-President: Jean Durbin

Treasurer: Matt Hancock

Assistant Treasurer:  Mary Anne Greenberg

Recording Secretary: Peter Lindenfeld

Corresponding Secretary: Joanna Dougherty

At-large:  Kip Cherry, Liz Cohen, Amner Deleon, Mark Freda, Paul Gilmore, Dosier Hammond, Jonathan Kaledin, Amy Mayer, Leighton Newlin, Eve Niedergang, Jeffrey Oakman, and Sheldon Sturges


Immediate past president: Jon Durbin

Ex-officio: Brian Hughes, Andrew Koontz, Liz Lempert, Jo Butler, Jenny Crumiller, Heather Howard, Lance Liverman, Bernie Miller, Tim Quinn, Peter Wolanin, Doreen Blanc-Rockstrom, Scotia MacRae

Program Chair: Liz Cohen

Membership Chair: Jean Durbin

Publicity Chair: Paul Gilmore

Logistics Chair: Maureen Quap

Nominating Chair: Peter Wolanin