Executive Board Job Descriptions

As email list-keeper, the PCDO President is the "point" person for the grass roots Democrats in Princeton. Sends out email notices about meetings, Democratic events and activities.

Elected officials (or their staff) often contact the president for the purpose of sending out fundraising invitations but also for rallies and other activities in support of candidates.

Works to identify leaders within organization in order to cultivate them for leadership roles, such as by appointing them as committee chairs.

Oversees the endorsement process -- responsible for getting notices out and hashing out plans and procedures for endorsement meetings and conveying them to candidates and voters. Prepares the materials including ballots and rules. Needs to plan these things well in advance - figure out deadlines and dates, update website with these, send them out in flyers and emails 

Ultimately responsible for setting up programs for monthly meetings. Advises and supports ad hoc committee chairs, sends out their notices, helps them with their groups. The president is an ex officio member of all committees.

Represents organization to newspaper reporters

Runs monthly general membership and executive board meetings.

Does what he or she thinks needs to be done for the organization.

Takes on specific tasks, working with the President. Such might be a program for outreach to young people and others, taking responsibility for some meeting programs, chairing an ad-hoc committee, working on communications like website or newsletter and, of course, supporting the President and substituting for him/her as needed.


Prepares monthly reports for the Executive Board indicating current account balances and membership numbers, and attend the meeting. I have introduced the practice of also presenting a year-to-date budget versus actual report at the Exec Board mtg. (2 ½ hour per month)

Manages cash flow including depositing receipts from donations and membership dues, and issuing checks as required to cover operating expenses such as room rental, purchase of refreshments, and printing and mailing of notices to the membership. (heavy time commitment during membership renewal season, maybe 4-6 hrs per weeks for two months, otherwise 1-2 hrs per month).

Maintains the PCDO's books (which are currently managed using Quick Books) by entering income and expenditures on an ongoing basis, and performing a monthly reconciliation of the books when the bank statement arrives. (2 hr/month)

Prepares quarterly reports to the state Election Law Enforcement Commission detailing financial activities over the prior three month period. (6-8 hrs quarterly)

Maintains membership database based on dues received. This includes tracking the date when renewals and new membership forms are received, to ensure compliance with PCDO bylaws which limit voting privileges to members in good standing at least 2 weeks prior to a meeting at which a resolution or endorsement vote will occur. (time commitment is included in the 4-6 hr per week during membership renewal season listed under item #2)

Prepares an annual budget for the upcoming year, which will be presented to the Executive Board in December of each year. (6-8 hours annually) Regularly checks P.O. Box in Palmer square. (1 hour per week)

Assistant Treasurer
Assists the Treasurer,may take on specific tasks listed under "Treasurer."

Corresponding Secretary
Formats and sends out all mailed correspondence, including monthly notices for meetings, event invitations and notices of executive board meetings, as well as the dues reminders at the end of the year.

Recording Secretary
Takes notes at the meetings of the Executive Board and transcribes them and sends them out afterwards. Then the minutes get posted on the PCDO website. The posting is an innovation of recent times, and an important part of the openness that we strive for.

Members At-Large
Attends monthly executive board meetings to take part in decision-making and provide direction for organization both by supporting the group and taking individual initiative to enhance the organization. Assists with logistics of general membership meetings, such as helping with materials and set up, greeting at the door and providing support for program organizers. Serves on committees such as Membership Committee, Local Issues Committee, Local Concerns Committee, the PCDO Book Club.

Standing Committees
Standing Committee chairs are nominated by the president and confirmed by the executive board (they’re not elected). Chairs of standing committees are members of the executive board. We encourage at-large members to chair these committees.

Logistics Chair: reserves meeting space, arranges refreshments for meetings (more details available on how to do these tasks)

Archives Chair: keeps records of general membership meetings, flyers and any newspaper coverage.
Publicity Chair: Places notices of PCDO programs in local papers and other media and sends newstories and photos to media following PCDO events.
Membership Chair: Works to attract new members, develops membership materials, sends out membership forms to people who are interested
Nominating Chair: Checks with current occupants of positions, ascertains interest of other PCDO members in serving, provides them with job descriptions, provides the membership with c.v.s and statements of candidates, works to make sure all positions are filled.

Program Chair: Organizes programs, communicates details and makes arrangements with speakers and other program participants.