Government Reform Committee

The Government Reform Committee, co-chaired by Russ Weiss and Marvin Reed, will advance ethics reform by contacting office holders, candidates, editorial pages, and blogs, by letter, email, phone call, or personal visit. Specific goals are:

  • to work for comprehensive pay-to-play reform in New Jersey.
  • help restore public confidence in state government by supporting the creation of an independent ethics watchdog agency in New Jersey.
  • strengthen campaign finance reform at the national level support by supporting public financingfederal. In New Jersey, it will advocate for a permanent, statewide system of public financing for political campaigns. An important step will be supporting the expansion of The New Jersey Fair and Clean Elections (FACE) Pilot Project.
  • advocate serious, comprehensivereform in New Jersey and at the federal level, recognizing that laws limiting government employeesimmediately becoming paid lobbyists are necessary but perhaps not sufficient.
  • support Governor Corzine's efforts to ensure accountability and transparency within New Jersey’s "Invisible Government" (for example, the Schools Construction Corporation, the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority, the Economic Development Authority, the Schools Construction Corporation, the Motor Vehicle Commission, the State Turnpike Authority, and NJ Transit).

Ordinances prohibiting pay-to-play at the local level and requiring developers to disclose campaign contributions have been proposed to the Princeton governing bodies. Princeton Township has adopted the pay-to-play ordinance. Links to draft ordinances are below.

In June, the committee adopted a resolution in support of the New Jersey Clean Elections Program and urging our local governing bodies to enact local ordinances banning pay-to-play at the local level.