PCDO Politics Book Club

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The book club is for members of the Princeton Community Democratic Organization. We meet to discuss books and politics at irregular intervals in a member's home on selected Sundays from 4 to 6PM. There is wine and other light refreshments. The books are chosen by the group.


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Summer 2017 Book:

 Inequality – What Can be Done? by Anthony Atkinson

The first part is historical and descriptive, and you are experts on that from your previous reading and experience. The second part has the core of the book, consisting of 15 recommendations and some added points to be explored, with much commentary. They can be seen separately on the Web by looking for 'atkinson 15 proposals'. The last part anticipates problems and skepticisms. 

There is a review and links to some good material on the Harvard University Press website.


We will meet on October 1 2017. All PCDO members are welcome to attend. Please contact book club coordinator Peter Lindenfeld (<lindenf@physics.rutgers.edu>) to find out the meeting location, to get his latest notes, and to join the book club email list.