Resolution on Government Ethics (6/18/06)

Submitted by Marvin Reed, Russ Weiss, Anne Reeves and Jenny Crumiller

The Princeton Community Democratic Organization commends the efforts of the New Jersey Legislature and the Governor to reduce corruption in our government by creating a pilot project for public financing of elections. For too long the image of New Jersey has been tarnished by the corrosive effect of special interest money seeking influence on government decisions. Public campaign financing is the single most direct and effective way to deal with this problem. Therefore, it is the view of the PCDO that the New Jersey Citizens' Clean Elections Commission's Final Report of May 8, 2006 should be given priority attention by the state legislature and the Governor. The PCDO supports the expansion of the project as an important milestone on the road to clean elections and clean government in New Jersey.

Additionally, the PCDO urges the governing bodies of Princeton Borough and Princeton Township ban “pay-to-play” campaign contributions at the local level.