Promoting Higher Ethical Standards in Politics and Clean Government Reforms (4/15/07)

Promoting Higher Ethical Standards in Politics and Clean Government Reforms


Important “Clean Government” issues currently being debated at the federal, state, county, and local level that Democrats should support include:

Banning Pay-To-Play

-- limitations on awarding public contracts to political campaign contributors or requiring contractors to make contributions in order to become eligible for public contracts.

Campaign Finance Reform

-- Public financing of campaigns.

-- Limitations on size and sources of candidate contributions.

Election Integrity Reform

-- Accurate, tamper-proof machine balloting and tallying, including paper trail verification.

-- Required deployment of sufficient voting stations to ensure that voters in all election districts have an opportunity to vote without burdensome delays.

-- Improved voter registration and voter identification that does not impose discriminatory or burdensome requirements on citizens.

-- Statewide voter registration records (as required by new federal law).

Banning Conflicts of Interest

-- by office holders, staffs, and appointees.

Limiting Nepotism

-- appointment of spouses and other relatives to staffs and other positions. Exceptions should only be acceptable if relative is extraordinarily well qualified.

Banning Dual Office-Holding -- simultaneous election to more than one office at different levels of government, including the collection of multiple salaries and pensions.

Lobbyist Reform

-- registration and activity/finance reporting by government lobbyists.

-- required time gap between office holding or key staff positions and registration as lobbyist.

-- limitations on gifts and travel expense payments to officeholders, members of their staffs or government regulatory officials.

As revised, October 17, 2006