Resolution Urging Implementation of Verified Voting for Mercer County (Jan 2016)

PCDO Resolution

Urging Implementation of Verified Voting for Mercer County


WHEREAS, numerous studies have documented failures and weaknesses of electronic voting systems, including the U.S. Government Accountability Office in Report GAO-05-956; and


WHEREAS, Princeton University Professor Andrew Appel has conducted research and gave expert testimony in court and to the Princeton Community Democratic Organization (PCDO) membership that the Sequoia voting machines used by Mercer county are vulnerable to multiple forms of tampering and infection with vote stealing software; and


WHEREAS, the State of New Jersey certified for the first time in 2015 voting systems that have a voter-verified paper record;




That the members of the PCDO respectfully urge the Mercer County Board of Chosen Freeholders and County Executive to include funding for new voting systems with a voter-verified paper record in the 2016 Mercer County budget; and That the PCDO asks that the Mercer County Executive, Clerk, Board of Elections, and Superintendent of Elections being planning for and procurement of the new voting systems begin as soon as they are budgeted, and that they be in operation county-wide before the June 2017 primary election; and That copies of this resolution are to be distributed to all relevant Mercer County officials.


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